E & E Design

Some Things New, & Some Things Old

Original to the 1909 home, this 3rd floor bathroom was in rough shape! Working with the clients we determined how to best modernize the room while simultaneously preserving the authenticity of the space. We re-worked the design to create a more functional and aesthetic space. Then we determined what materials would be used for the bathroom. After much consideration, we decided to……

  • Reuse the existing wall-mount sink, and replace the faucetry with period reproductions.
  • Reuse the existing baseboards. • Re-glaze the original tub with a bold fun color, and chrome plate the legs for an elegant touch.
  • Incorporate cabinetry hardware, an antique mirror, accessories, and sconce lighting which all coincide with the eclectic yet craftsman style of the home.
  • Spring into the future with a Toto Toilet and Toto Washlet S350.

This remote control seat mists, washes, dries, deodorizes, opens and closes automatically, and not to mention it has a warmer and night light. The more modern look did not detract from the overall feel of the room, and the benefits made it worth the investment. A full demo to the studs allowed us to upgrade all plumbing insulation, and electrical before installing the new wall material. Despite the difficulties of working on the third floor, this project was completed as scheduled in 4 weeks, (20 business days).! This was a very fun project. Although a simple room, a lot of planning went into the material selections, and a lot of upgrades were required to bring the 1909 bathroom into compliance with modern codes. It was wonderful to work with these Clients E. & E., they brought fantastic ideas and style to the table.

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