Kosher Kitchen

We had a wonderful time working with this Longmeadow client to create a Kosher kitchen. This remodel required a complete demo to the studs, insulation of the external wall, moving of utilities, new sheetrock, and new flooring. A doorway was converted to a pass through to allow for additional pantry and cabinet storage. Special consideration was given to storage areas, ensuring enough room was available for Dairy (Chalav) Meat (Basar), and Passover Dishes. A double bowl sink was necessary as well as a two drawer dishwasher so they could keep dishes separate at all times. Materials selected for the sink and countertop were stainless steel and Cambria Quartz as both of these materials are able to be kashered. The overall look and style of the kitchen was to be bright and cheery with a modern look, but traditional ties so as to keep with the style of the home. Holiday Kitchens cabinetry was used with Cambria countertops, and a natural Marble backsplash. A lot went into this project, and it was finished within the 5 week schedule!

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