Revitalize Your Bathroom in Western MA with Custom Remodeling Solutions

Your bathroom is the place you both start and end your day. It is where you refresh yourself in the morning and where you come home to relax from a long day. Whether you are creating a spa-like Master bath or maximizing function in the main bath; Interstate will work with you to bring it to life. Our goal is to create both function and beauty in a small space that works very hard.

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, but here in New England many are considered “small.” No matter the size, we take the time with our clients to develop the space they desire. Whether you are looking to expand the size of your bathroom or keep the initial footprint, we help our clients select products and various materials to make the space uniquely their own with the function and beauty they desire.

Our Process

Here at Interstate we strive to create beautiful, functional, and inviting spaces that inspire you and your family for generations to come.


Please Contact Us!!

Please call Interstate Custom Kitchen and Bath at 413-532-2727 to discuss your project and schedule your first consultation with one of our Designers.

Initial Consultation: (45 min to 1 ½ hrs)

At this appointment, you will meet with one of our designers at our Showroom. Please bring pictures and dimensions of the space, as well as any idea books, or inspiration photos you may have. Our designer will review the pictures and dimensions, and work with you to:

• Determine the scope of the project
• Identify key needs and wants
• Browse through the showroom and discuss material options
• Provide some initial design ideas
• Discuss budget parameters for your project

Second Consultation: (1 to 2 hours)

At this appointment, our designer will review with you a preliminary layout based on the information gathered and dimensions provided at the first meeting.

• We will present to you a Comprehensive 3-column Budget Scenario which outlines everything to be included in the project and demonstrates where there may be flexibility in the pricing; allowing the Client to control the budget and price-point of the project.
• We will discuss in detail our shopping process.
• At the end of this appointment is when you would make a decision to provide a design retainer and move forward with the shopping process.

Shopping Process: (typically 5 appointments, 1 to 2 hours each)

This is a fun and exciting process, where you work with our Design Team over several appointments (up to 5). During the shopping process we are:

• Finalizing layout and design
• Making all material selections
• Determining the final placement of all the fixtures
• Completing a job site assessment, including mechanicals, and confirming dimensions (at your home)
• Meeting with subcontractors to quote the required work (at your home)

(Behind the Scenes) Our Design Team will Create a final presentation: (4-8 hours)

• Revised layout with accurate dimensions
• Detailed drawings
• Determine total project cost with an itemized list of all material and labor
• Create a thorough Project Agreement (contract) with a clear definition of scope
• Create a Project Board with materials, pictures, and colors laid out

Final Presentation: (1½ to 2 hours)

This appointment is the culmination of the Shopping Process. At this appointment, we will present and confirm all the details of the proposed project, including:

• A Project Board with materials, colors, elevations, and textures
• Your itemized pricing, clearly explaining your total investment
• A finalized Project Agreement
• Discuss each item on the Jobsite Information Page

Once everything is acceptable as written, we will sign the Project Agreement and schedule your project (How Exciting!!)

Final Measure: (1 hour)

This pre-construction meeting takes place at your home. The Designer and Project Manager meet to review all the details. In the nicest way possible, we ask that you give us some space as we will be reviewing the technical and logistical side of your project.

• Confirm all necessary dimensions for the purpose of ordering materials
• Make any necessary or specialized installation notes
• Determine job site access, storage, special considerations, and troubleshoot any potential issues

Project Installation: (timeframe outlined on the Project Agreement)

The big day is here! Your project is installed as specified in the Project Agreement. During this time you can relax and enjoy a remodel that is exactly as it should be since so much time and homework was done up front. During the project, the Designer and Project manager are always available if any questions should arise. The workers in your home are all provided with detailed instructions as to how the work is to be performed; so you don’t need to be pestered with questions along the way.

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