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Cabinet Refacing

Refacing is a great way to “refresh” your existing kitchen and give it a brand new look without extensive demolition and lengthy construction time. With Refacing you keep the quality bones of your cabinetry, and majority of the existing layout intact. You have the option to replace the countertop, backsplash, and flooring but without the requirement to do so.

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet Refacing takes your existing cabinets and includes new doors, new drawer fronts, new drawer boxes, new moldings, and all new hardware.

We cover all exposed surfaces of your existing cabinetry, the fronts, sides and bottoms with ¼” thick oak – maple – cherry or hickory wood – stained or painted in your choice of color.

We can also modify your existing kitchen layout by adding or removing cabinetry, or by modifying cabinetry sizes to accommodate modern appliances.

We can improve the function of cabinetry by creating drawer systems, replacing drawer boxes, adding roll-outs, waste containers, Super Susans, and a plethora of other accessories.

Why Refacing?

Our Process

Here at Interstate we strive to create beautiful, functional, and inviting spaces that inspire you and your family for generations to come. See our Five step process for custom cabinet refacing below: 


Please Contact Us!!

Please call Interstate Custom Kitchen and Bath at 413-532-2727 to discuss your project and schedule your first consultation with one of our Designers.

Initial Consultation: (1hr to 1 ½ hrs)

At this appointment you will meet with one of our designers in your home. They will measure your existing kitchen and work with you to:

• Determine if your kitchen is a candidate for Refacing
• Discuss how Refacing works
• Provide improvement / upgrade options
• Determine the Price of the project

At the end of this appointment is when you would make a Decision to provide a Deposit, Schedule your project, and move forward with the Shopping Process.

Shopping Process: 1 to 2 hrs

This is a fun and exciting appointment, where the Client works with our Design Team to make all the selections for the new look in your kitchen.

Final Measure: 1 to 1½ hrs

This appointment takes place at your home. The Designer and Project Manager meet to review all the details. In the nicest way possible, we ask that you give us some space as we will be reviewing the technical and logistical side of your project, as well as taking extremely detailed measurements.

• Confirm all necessary dimensions for the purpose of ordering materials
• Make any necessary or specialized installation notes
• Determine jobsite access, storage, special considerations, and troubleshoot any potential pit-falls


Project Installation: timeframe outlined on the Project Agreement

The big day is here! Your project is installed as specified in the Project Agreement. During this time you can relax and enjoy a remodel that is exactly as it should be since so much time and homework was done up front. During the project, the Designer and Project manager are always available if any questions should arise. The workers in your home are all provided with detailed instructions as to how the work is to be performed, so you don’t need to be pestered with questions along the way.